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Retailer of the Year Award

Bill Tepperman of Tepperman's - 2003 Retailer of the Year

Bill Tepperman is the President of Tepperman's, a five-store furniture retailer with stores in Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and London.

Bill's father, Nate, started in business in Windsor over 78 years ago. After gaining experience as a carpenter and a sausage-maker, he became a door to door peddler of home furnishings, including towels, blankets and sheets, and area rugs. His determination to provide his loyal customers with value and good service were lessons learned well and passed on to his family. Bill took over the company, at the age of 33, following the drowning death of his father and retirement of his uncle, Harry Eisen, due to ill-health.

Over the years, reading the needs of his customers, Bill has expanded several times, sometimes in very difficult times. Whether struggling with a sluggish economy, rebuilding following a store fire or planning the next store, Bill will tell you Tepperman's is not a one-man show. He has put together a great team, with the assistance of his wife Rochelle, their sons Andrew and Noah, and his other vice-presidents Gina Delicata and Mike Horrobin. They share a commitment and a clear vision of how they will succeed, by helping their customers have a great shopping experience, with good service and prices.

Bill is an ethical man, with a well-developed sense of family and community responsibility. Tepperman's is an active supporter of local events and awards a $1000.00 Tepperman's scholarship, each month, to a local young person in each of the communities in which they do business. To date, the family has distributed 212 such scholarships, demonstrating the belief in the value of higher education that was generated by Rose and Nate Tepperman, Bill's parents. At the moment, Tepperman's employs over 300 people.

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